Transaction Methods  - Payment Security


TonerExperts, offers the following transaction methods :

  1. Cash payment on collection from our store.

  2. Cash on Delivery.

  3. Deposit to our bank account.

  4. Payment with Debit or Credit card
  5. Payment via


  • Cash payment on collection from our store.

Payment of goods can be made by cash when received from our store.


  • Cash on Delivery.

Payment of goods can be made by cash on delivery. We recommend that you have the correct amount upon receipt of your order.

In case of Cash on Delivery there is extra charge of 2,48€.


  • Deposit to our bank account.

You can deposit the exact amount in one of the following bank accounts:


Account No: 0026.0073.18.0200823847

IBAN: GR7102600730000180200823847



Account No: 197.002002.003663

IBAN: GR1301401970197002002003663



Account No: 6019-138069-961

IBAN: GR4801710190006019138069961



Account No: 10763974689

IBAN: GR4601101070000010763974689


Attention! Any charges will be payable by you.

Attention! If transfering from another bank, the customer should bear the transfer costs from both banks.

Please contact us after depositing.


  • Cash on Delivery.

Pay using your Debit or Credit card through the safety of Piraeus Bank.


The secure payment process through PayPal is fully automated and is usually completed within a few minutes. During this process no personal information is stored in TonerExperts. Through Paypal you can also pay by Visa or Mastercard credit card, without the obligation to create an account with Paypal.